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Mitch Kennedy is an exciting and versatile Director/DOP in Australia, creating content from TV commercials to music videos & short films.


In his natural habitat, Mitch surrounds himself with outlandish ideas scribbled on multiple notepads, dozens of crumpled concepts that didn't reach the rubbish bin and a half written treatment, which requires that extra ‘something’ before it is complete.  Brain function is most likely focused on how he can introduce a motorcycle riding monkey into the script.


A director whose creative mind has a split personality; a background in acting has him constantly striving for nuanced performances, while his work as a cinematographer brings an artistic eye to the table. There is his passion for creating intriguing characters and engaging storytelling, facing off against the visual filmmaker, aiming to excite and immerse the viewer with visuals. These two different sets of creative values morph together to create a result that is unique.


Mitch’s perfect job has this collision of character-driven and visually rich styles of filmmaking. Specifically, a car commercial starring Zach Galifianakis.

Mitch is represented in Australia by THE PRODUCERS.



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